Interview with JOSEPH WILLIAMS

May 31, 2015 Jimmy Keys had an interview with Joseph Williams backstage in Enschede (The Netherlands) just before they went on stage for their 8th show of the 2015 European tour.

During this interview Joseph Williams is talking about the old sound coming back on the XIV album, the influence of CJ Vanston on TOTO XIV, the Chinatown track, the TOTO biography, extra TOTO XIV songs, On The Run, the succes of the XIV album, a follow up album of XIV, a full album show, social media, how the concert setlist was created, how they play Great Expectations live and how he continues developing his voice.



Interview with SIMON PHILLIPS

May 18, 2016 Jimmy Keys had this exclusive interview with one of the best drummers; Simon Phillips in club "Spirit of 66" in Vervier (Belgium) during the Protocol European Tour 2016. They've had a nice chat about Protocol, Toto, Tama and drums of course! And lot more.



Interview with LELAND SKLAR by Jimmy Keys

February 14, 2016 Jimmy Keys asked Leland Sklar after the TOTO show if he had something to say to all the TOTO fans.

Leland answered the question in his own unique style!






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